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6 Types of Content you SHOULD be using on social media

There are 6 main types of content you should be incorporating on social media to build your brand. YES, you READ THAT CORRECTLY- 6! I am going to walk you through those 6 types and give you a handy little chart to save so you can refer back when you’re planning your content!! Entertainment Posts–…


How can stock photos help my online brand?

It’s a valid question. There is no perfect formula of content, all I know is that it’s VITAL to be consistent. Consistent Content Creates Connection. Now, content, in MY humble opinion, should be quality content…engaging content, not just a whole LOT of content that isn’t cohesive and overwhelms your audience. Listen…we don’t all have endless…


Why you should have a podcast NOW!

We understand the hesitation…we hear these excuses a lot: “But who is going to listen to ME?” “Isn’t it just a waste of time? It’s not like I am going to make money from it” “I literally wouldn’t even know where to begin with equipment, recording, editing etc.” “I would LOVE to have one but…


7 Best FREE Google Tools For Your Business

Google is NOT just a search engine or somewhere you can roam through the digital streets looking for naked people or people Larping (thanks for that gift, google street view). IN FACT, Google is a flipping gold mine of amazing tools that can help you TREMENDOUSLY with your business. Best part is that they’re free…