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Google is NOT just a search engine or somewhere you can roam through the digital streets looking for naked people or people Larping (thanks for that gift, google street view). IN FACT, Google is a flipping gold mine of amazing tools that can help you TREMENDOUSLY with your business. Best part is that they’re free so without further adieu, here are our 7 favorite free Google resources for your business!!!

GOOGLE ADSENSE: Sign up for free, pick ads you’re willing to display on your site, get a code to add to your html and SHABAM, let those dollar bills roll in. It’s easy and nearly effortless!

GOOGLE ALERTS: This is one I got SUPER excited about when I found out about it- you simply go to Google Alerts and enter a search- it can be ANYTHING. I use “BRANDING” then every single day you get an email with the links of all of the articles, videos…etc with your keyword item in it. Easy and a great way to learn about your niche!

GOOGLE ANALYTICS: AMAZE- you connect your website and it gives you so many stats and user info that your head will spin. It’s awesome to have everything in one place and it can show you where you should be focusing your acquisition efforts !!!

GOOGLE CALENDAR: This is awesome and often under utilized tool! You can share calendars with team members, invite people to join your events and more. We use it for appointments and personal stuff as well and once one of us adds something in it puts it in the other’s calendar automatically…it’s a lifesaver.

GOOGLE DOCS: Google docs is great! I use it when I need to send a quick proposal over, they have templates or you can just go all in and create something on your own like a badass. You can share and invite to edit and it’s really a handy tool!

GOOGLE INSIGHTS: In their words
“Understand the shifts in consumer behaviors, needs, and beliefs that will help you unlock fresh insights to drive your business. ” – insights does SOOOO much it will blow your mind!

GOOGLE TRENDS: This one right here is a content creator’s dream. This one will tell you what is trending and where as well as gives a search engine so you can see how the topic you’re thinking about posting about is trending RIGHT MEOW IN REAL TIME. Okay though…what a great way to up that SEO. DREAMS.

Do you use any of these amazing tools?

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