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These days not a whole lot can be bought with $1…at least not in California where our prices seem to be 10x that of everyone else just because they can. lol. Even a 99 cent pack of gum ends up costing more than $1 after taxes. It’s laughable!

You’d be hard pressed to find resources that are useful for your business and only cost $1 a day. No seriously…if you know of one please share with the class- I LOVE learning about new resources so I can pass that info along to my clients!

As a photographer my clients often struggle with content creation.

  1. “It’s time consuming.”
  2. “It’s stressful having to keep creating content on top of everything else I need to do as a business owner.”
  3. “Keeping consistent is what gets me!”

I FEEL YOU…trust me, I totally and completely understand the struggle. I’ve gotten to the point in my business where I am able to create content like a content creating machine and I know I was not meant to keep my ability all to myself!

If you’re in the health or fitness space I am going to help you grow your online presence for just $1 per day (some months it’s only .96 cents a day) which by the way is less than your coffee costs you everyday if you go somewhere to get it!

Want to know more and be the first to sign up when we launch June 1st???


Let me help you GROW!!!