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It’s a valid question. There is no perfect formula of content, all I know is that it’s VITAL to be consistent.

Consistent Content Creates Connection.

Now, content, in MY humble opinion, should be quality content…engaging content, not just a whole LOT of content that isn’t cohesive and overwhelms your audience.

Listen…we don’t all have endless amounts of extra time during the day to create content, some people don’t know how to take a good photo or where to go for inspiration and it ends up being stressful. Usually the content creation doesn’t even get done because it’s so overwhelming if that’s not your happy place.

Let me save you some time…in fact, let me save you LOTS of time. Let me give you a few amazing ways stock photos can help your online brand!

  1. They’re an excellent supplemental content source to your more personal content. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! Well, it means that in between the photos of you, your kids, your dog, your projects…you should continue to provide value to your audience and nurture that connection. Your audience wants to know that they can come to your page for new, eye catching and relatable content. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!!
  2. Visual content is more quickly consumed than text content. In the busy online world your goal is to “STOP THE SCROLL” and there is no better way to do that than with eye catching content.
  3. They help to create your vibe, your story, convey the emotions you want your audience to have…they are great for blog posts, headers, marketing materials and MORE.
  4. They’ve come a LONG way since those cheesy, corporate stock photos that most of us think of when we hear “stock photos”…also, since we’re talking cheesy- look at THESE hilariously random stock photos from buzzfeed.

Need some stock photo for YOUR brand? On June 1st we launch! Keep up to date, get free monthly downloads and MORE!