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The Parts of Your Bio:

This is that BOLD part. You get 30 characters so use those characters to tell what you do so use them to include key words to help people find you! Ex: OC Branding Photographer. This is included in IG searches so make sure you use it wisely!

THIS is your identity on Instagram and also is your IG link when you send people to your page and when other users tag you- your username can be anything from your name to your business name, make sure it’s something easy to type and remember!
@theandersonbrand @nicolebranderson

Your clickable link in your bio- can be a webpage, blog, link to your fb page…etc. Wherever you want someone to go! This is your only place to offer a clickable website link so use it wisely! If you need to shorten your link go to websites like and shorten it!

This is where you convey your brand, show off your personality, get people to fall in love with you (so they’ll click follow) and have a call to action…all in 150 characters. YES, it’s a big task BUT once you figure it out it’s a very powerful chunk of info! USE EMOJIS and line breaks to break up the text and really let everyone know WHY you’re the person/brand to follow! You can include clickable hashtags and other IG profiles in your bio now too so that’s super helpful!

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