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Grow your health or fitness business online with $1 per day

These days not a whole lot can be bought with $1…at least not in California where our prices seem to be 10x that of everyone else just because they can. lol. Even a 99 cent pack of gum ends up costing more than $1 after taxes. It’s laughable! You’d be hard pressed to find resources…

So what does copyright MEAN_

Your “found” content can come back to bite you one day.

It’s true. A LOT (and I mean WAYYYYYY too many) entrepreneurs seem to think that if they find a photo that has been posted online it’s okay to use for their own marketing and social media. I mean…it’s online and in public view, that means I can use it, right? WRONG! In fact, there are…


How to make your Instagram Bio work FOR you.

MAKING YOUR INSTAGRAM WORK FOR YOU, NOT AGAINST YOU The Parts of Your Bio: Name: This is that BOLD part. You get 30 characters so use those characters to tell what you do so use them to include key words to help people find you! Ex: OC Branding Photographer. This is included in IG searches…


How to create genuine connections on Social Media

STOP. TRYING. TO. SELL. TO. PEOPLE. WITHOUT. FIRST. CREATING. A. CONNECTION!!!!S&$% People! I can’t tell you how many times i’m sent a friend request, no message or introduction AT ALL then immediately I get a request to join your group or page. NOOOOOO BRO. At least take me to dinner first! I don’t know you,…