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We understand the hesitation…we hear these excuses a lot:

“But who is going to listen to ME?”

“Isn’t it just a waste of time? It’s not like I am going to make money from it”

“I literally wouldn’t even know where to begin with equipment, recording, editing etc.”

“I would LOVE to have one but I just don’t have the time!”

The answer to every single one of those concerns is Anderson Media’s newest 3 C’s packages.

CONCEPT: If you know you want a podcast but you’re unsure of where to start, what you need, who you’re talking to..etc.

CREATE: You have a podcast but you have no time to edit, upload, write show notes and you KNOW the value of having your podcast running consistently.

CONVERT: You’ve got a podcast, listener #s are growing steadily, you’re happy with where you’re going but you know it’s time to start making some passive income off of it or you want to get on more people’s podcasts as guests but you don’t have the time to look!

So what ARE the benefits of having a podcast for your business?

  1. It’s a free, easy to consume platform that is growing steadily every single year where you can claim your EXPERT status by offering content to your listeners!
  2. You CAN monetize it- sponsors, selling YOUR products and services, selling other people’s products and services as an affiliate and MORE.
  3. You can use it at a platform to interview guests and get ON other people’s podcasts to increase the awareness of YOUR brand.


Well, YOU. If you have something to say. If you have something to sell. If you have value to share with the world. If you love speaking to people.

Need help starting a podcast? Need to turn over your editing/management?

Daniel of Anderson Media has a love for sound so deep that he’s dedicated his work to creating quality podcast audio. When you work with him you’re taken care of in a more personal way- he WANTS your podcast to sound it’s best because your success is his success and he takes pride in his work and clients.

With a decade of experience as a sound engineer and
nearly 2 decades of love for music and instruments of all kind his ear is trained to produce the highest quality of sound and he is dedicated to keeping the quality of the production of your podcast at the highest standard possible.